Boost Your Winnings and Cut Your Losses


Blackjack is a popular card game that involves both the dealer and players. The dealer is dealt a single face-up card and a single face-down card. He checks the face-down card to see if it is a blackjack, and then turns the cards over to the other player. If both players are dealt a blackjack, then they tie.

Basic strategy

Basic blackjack strategy can boost your winnings and cut your losses. It’s an essential part of winning at blackjack. It’s not designed to give you a big edge over the house, but it is designed to give you the best odds possible, which means that your bankroll will last longer and you get more bang for your buck.

Basic blackjack strategy involves knowing when to take and stand. It will help you reduce the house edge to as little as 0.5 percent. It will also help you manage risk. Bets should be calculated by three factors: bankroll, number of decks in a shoe, and risk tolerance.


There are plenty of benefits to Blackjack Surrender, a type of game in which the player has the option to fold the hand before the dealer has dealt a single card. The main benefit is that it reduces the player’s losses. Learn more about this strategy in our Blackjack surrender guide. It will tell you how to play Blackjack Surrender at the best casinos.

The mathematically correct surrender is the best option for players with a 16-card hand or a Jack upcard. Using this strategy allows a gambler to recover half of the initial bet. Moreover, it increases the players’ chances of avoiding going bust or being outdrawn by the dealer.


Blackjack insurance is a popular way to protect your bankroll from losses. It is available in most games of Blackjack. Many players choose to take it, but many seasoned professionals recommend against it. This form of insurance has a high house edge and should only be taken when your probability of winning is high. This strategy involves betting on the dealer’s second card, which could be either a 10 or a face card.

Blackjack insurance is not an essential part of the game of blackjack. It is a side bet that can be placed when a blackjack is dealt. Blackjack insurance rules are similar to those of an even-money bet. Some gambling venues offer partial insurance, and some blackjack players choose to purchase it to decrease variance. Variance is the swings associated with casino games, and blackjack swings can be incredibly violent.


Doubling-down is a strategy used by players when they want to improve their odds against the house. This strategy involves taking an additional card when you have a soft hand, such as an Ace. However, players must be careful when deciding whether to double-down, as this can have a significant impact on their chances of generating a profit.

Before deciding whether or not to double-down, it is important to analyze the dealer’s hand. If you think he has a soft 17 or an ace, then doubling down may be the best option. However, if you double-down when the dealer has an ace, you may end up losing your bet.

Card counting

Card counting is a strategy used to increase your chances of winning a blackjack game by assigning values to each card. For example, a card with a value of two will have a +1 count, a card with a value of seven will have a 0 count, and so on. Each time a player is dealt a new card, they should add the value of the previous card to the new card.

Card counting in blackjack is a technique that uses the shuffled deck to determine the number of high cards and low cards. The game is based on the idea that high cards will be more advantageous to the player, and that low cards will benefit the dealer. Card counting requires memory and quick processing of numbers. Several apps exist for the purpose of teaching players how to use card counting in blackjack.