The Singapore Prize for Literature and the Singapore Prize for Cultural Heritage

singapore prize

A Singapore prize honors individuals who work for the common good of others. A healthy civil society depends on people who care about their neighbors and who, at pivotal times, put the common good before their own self-interest. The Harvard Prize Book (Singapore) was founded in 1992 to recognize such people. It is the only prize in the world dedicated to literary achievement and social service.

Its awards ceremony will be held at the National Museum of Singapore on November 7. It will feature performances by “world-renowned musicians and artists,” according to a press release from the organizers. The event will also announce this year’s finalists for the Earthshot Prize, a new global environmental award launched by Prince William in 2020.

The winner of the Singapore prize for best short film is “Vania on Lima Street” by Bayu Prihantoro Filemon. It won a cash prize of SGD5,000 supported by Filmgarde Cineplexes and a production services package worth SGD15,000 from Shooting Gallery Asia. The second-prize winner is “Gaga” by Laha Mebow, which won a brace of Golden Horse awards. The third-prize winner was “The Big Squid Game” by Tuan Andrew Nguyen, which won a cash prize of SGD10,000 supported by Mocha Chai Laboratories and a production services package worth SGD20,000 from Fiction Shore.

In addition, the prize will support the development of a statewide community arts education programme. The programme aims to bring cultural activities to more communities and encourage participation in the arts by the wider Singapore population. It will also help to promote the work of Singaporean artistes by organising more public exhibitions and performances.

It will also support the development of the Singapore Prize for Cultural Heritage and contribute to a better understanding of Singapore’s heritage by providing funds to support the research and conservation of historical sites, buildings and objects. The prizes will also assist in developing the skills of students and practitioners working in heritage preservation.

A third annual Singapore prize will honor a book of poetry written in English, Chinese or Malay. The book is to be published in 2023. Previous winners of the Singapore Prize for Cultural Heritage include a collection of essays on Singapore’s military history, and a biography of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew by historians and journalists.

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